Sunday, October 16, 2005


Originally an F.F. villain, part of the Royal Family of Inhumans, and one sexy lady: Medusa.
Had a little more time to draw, so did a full body tonight instead of all these head shots I've been puttin' up.
Thanks to everybody whose been stopping by and leaving comments this past week.


Bruno Werneck said...

ha! I remember her! nice take on her Darryl!

joe said...

great to see you in your element, d...

great stuff!

Dave Pryor said...

I remember seeing this villan and not understanding why she didn't have snakes in her hair. This was sometime around seeing "Clash of the Titans" in the theater - so I was pretty young.

She was in a Marvel coloring book I owned - colored in it on a road trip to Disneyworld back in the summer of '82. Good memories.


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