Thursday, October 20, 2005

Comic Girl

Warning: This specie does not exist. If you encounter such a creature please take the following into consideration...

  • She is a vampire (which will lead to a painful death).
  • She is a man (which will lead to a guilty conscious).
  • She is only a dream (which will need an ample supply of handy-wipes upon awakening from).


greg scherrer said...

That's the bully who stole my comic collection! Hey Darryl, I'm finally on the blog bandwagon, so I thought I should start commenting too. This is great stuff! It's nice to see things from you that aren't breakfast-related. Keep it up!

Dave Pryor said...

I noticed that she's a fan of "The Thing".

Is that some kind of inuendo?

How can I get my muscles that pointy?

;) Dave

joe said...

i've always been a fan o y o ladies ma boy...i'll take the risk:)