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Kamandi #7, July 1973

Been in a real slump lately. Thought I'd try to light the old fire, and go back to the "Source" ... Jack Kirby.

Recently caught an episode of The Brave and the Bold with Batman and none other than Kamandi ... The Last Boy On Earth! Kamandi has always been one of my favorite Kirby comics, and had a pretty good run over at DC in the early 70's. Imagine Kirby doing Planet of the Apes, but with all the animals in this future Earth talking, walking, thinking, and feuding. Fun, imaginative, wild stuff! Some great stories too.

Anyhoo, the Batman / Kamandi episode was shocked full of Kirby goodness. I recognized a giant gorilla named "Tiny", and had to sift through the basement and find this gem. In this issue Kirby does "King Kong" his way.

Kirby is known for his amazing full page and double page splashes, and at this point in time he was filling his books with multiple splash pages. Usually as "Chapters" in the comic, which could last for a couple pages or half the book.

p.s. Found part of the T.V. episode here, which also has Mr. Miracle (another favorite) in the beginning.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I've been asked to be a part of a very cool site called The Kirby Project.

"The aim of 'The Kirby Project' is to showcase creative work inspired by the art and concepts of 'The King of Comics' - Jack Kirby."

'Nuff Said!

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SuperHero Team-Up!

.... or "The Boy Who Loved Comic Books".

Lengthy explanation forthcoming...

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