Monday, October 24, 2005

Color Girl



greg scherrer said...

Now you're talkin! The painting style you chose seems to fit her personality well. And upon closer inspection I see just a slight hint that the carpet matches the drapes as well. Bravo!

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Darryl,

What was your method here? A Photoshop or Painter color job? Seems quick and loose.

Interesting way the arms frame the girl and direct the eye.


ChewBloggers said...

oh yeah! this is a bute d...nice paintin this anyone i know?

Kevin Barber said...

Glad to see you entering the world of color.More sir.(girls in Panties that is.)

Darryl Young said...

gs: I don't know what's wronger, me going to the trouble of matching the two, or you getting close enough to check it out :)

Dave: These are my niave attempts at Photoshop (and color). Time to jump into the fire...... (ouch)

j-dog: See what you've been missin' at the Mart.....

KB: I will definately be exposing more (girls in Panties that is).