Sunday, October 30, 2005

Color Girl 07

Whewwwwww... this ends my personal attempt at a weeks worth of Photoshop study. Thanks to everybody who has stopped by and left comments; the positive prodding and nudging has gotten me started in the right direction.
I've got some other stuff that needs priority (art related) so I'm going back to the regular daily sketches, with hopes of selecting and coloring one a week.

Thanks Again..... :)


Kevin Barber said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYEAHHHHHHH!! I know what this is for. Awesome direction skippy.

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Darryl,

Thanks for giving us the daily work - it looks like you've been having fun in the process.

Now that you've done a week of color work, what are your thoughts? What do you like the most and what do you think of the process - going from line to color?

Just wanting to get into your head a little.

Have a good one!


greg scherrer said...

Thanks for all the nice comments on the blog, sir! It was getting lonely over there. I'll be sorry to see the daily color sketching go. Seems like you've been improving a little with each one. Nice texture and shading here. Either she's performing some sort of magic, or her hand is giving off a very strong odor.

ChewBloggers said...

well very successful...some really beautiful work came out of it in the process...

can't wait to see where you're headed with it...


Dan Segarra said...


Darryl Young said...

Thanks very much everybody :).

I'll probably talk a bit about my feeling on the whole process, along with some of the reasons for doing it, a bit later. I need to let things sink in a bit before having a good, honest discussion or exchange. It's a time for positive reflection.

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