Friday, March 24, 2006

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Idiocy

I fell asleep last night while eating chocolate cake (with white buttercream frosting) and watching Sponge Bob season 3 :(
So here's a couple that were meant for last night :)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gun Fu: Showgirls Are Forever ...ON SALE NOW!

Gun Fu: Showgirls Are Forever, hit comic shops today! Written by Howard Shum and Dave Sim, Inks by Howard Shum, Colors by Etienne Simon, and pencils by lil' ol' me. If anybody in Blogland happens to pick up a copy please let me know what you think; loved it, hated it, lined the bird cage with it, etc....
Posted are designs for the "Showgirls", some unused goons, and a penciled/finished page. You can read a five page preview right over here ....... at Image Comics.

Thanks to everybody who's been stopping by, and especially to those who leave comments! Your words of encouragement are truly motivational, inspiring, and make me want to keep pluggin' away at the drawing board! I promise to be back again tomorrow (Thursday) with more senseless doodles and will start commenting on your comments in the comment box (if that makes any sense).

Take Care,
Darryl (a.k.a. diddle)

Thursday, March 16, 2006


  • Computer is working!
  • Cable internet is working!
  • There's rocky road ice cream in the freezer!
I celebrate by giving you more meaningless doodles!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sketches ... 03-13-06

Some late night / early mornin' stuff *__*

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sketches ... 03-06-06

I was just about to go night-night, and received an e-mail from my friend Virginia nudging me to post. I had these in blue pencil already, so I tightened them up .... yaaaaawwwwwwnnn, good night Virginia ;)
.... and thanks for the nudge ;)

Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack ... ;)

First of all, sincere thanks for all the kind words and encouragement from my fellow bloggers. It really is a wonderful thing to draw, share, and communicate with people who are doing it for the pure enjoyment of it. Being a commercial animator and doing A.B.C. (Art By Committee) work most of the time is mind-numbing. (Wait.... did you hear it.... the sound of me shooting myself in the foot ...?)

But anyhoo .... I'm up and running again, but not where I was a couple weeks ago (uuuggg, it's been two weeks already). Here's the statistics....

My computer .... still in the shop.
However .... my lovely wife Laura has allowed me to use her laptop .... Thank You :)

Cable internet .... modem still fried, will wait until computer is fixed.
However .... we still have our dial up service (sloooooow, but it works) which my lovely wife Laura insisted we keep while trying out the new cable internet .... Thank You :)

Scanner .... Epson 636U not compatible with Windows XL.
However .... I ordered a driver which makes it compatible, which my lovely wife Laura installed ...Thank You :)

Moral of the story, ..... you figure it out ..... (Laura and Lucy are too cocky as it is).

Take Care,
Darryl (a.k.a. diddle)