Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!


greg scherrer said...

This is a great one, D-diddly-dog! Kind of reminds me of old Paul Coker stuff from Mad magazine. And I was expecting "Halloween Girl". Ya caught me off guard!

Kevin Barber said...

Very Paul Coker. I love me some Paul Coker. I love me some Diddle.
(Doooddee,...this would look soooooooo cool in color.)

Dave Pryor said...

Nice - And nice line quality too!

Was this done with a pen?
Excellent expressions on the witch and Frank.


joe said...

a true beauty...those proportions are really good, d


Darryl Young said...

gs, kb: Thanks for the Paul Coker comparrison. I enjoy his work, and wasn't consciously thinking of him; though those lovable holiday t.v. specials he designed were undoubtedly a subconscious reference point.

dave: Thanks. It was drawn with an F pencil, on top of a blue rough sketch. When I scan into photoshop, I always adjust the levels for a darker image.

j: Thanks buuuuuuuuddy :)

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