Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Train Sketch...

..... with an attempt at getting back to super-heroics ( did do some touch ups at home on this one).

Thanks to everybody who has been stopping by, and especially to those leaving comments. It's nice to know what people are thinking about a particular piece, for it often offers new, insightful perspectives. A fresh set of eyes and some constructive critism are always welcomed. Case in point, thanks to (Dazzlin') Dan Segarra and (Sassy) Samantha Aquino for your insights on pencil sketching in regards to yesterday's post. Retaining the energy, or personality, in a cleaned up piece can be difficult. Quick, focused sketches often contain a certain vibrance, or immediacy about them.

For all my bloggin' buddies out there, I highly recommend doing, and posting, some quick sketch studies. Letting go can be difficult at first, but extremely rewarding once discovered. The focus shouldn't be on the one finite piece, but the continuous , everchanging, everflowing body of work.

"The real study of an art student is more a development of that sensitive nature and appreciative imagination with which he was so fully endowed when a child, and which, unfortunately in almost all cases, the contact with the grown-ups shames out of him before he passes into what is understood as real life."
Robert Henri, The Art Spirit


Mark McDonnell said...

Great forshortening.


Jav said...

Yo D!
I really havent been jumping around these blogs for over a week now so Ive gotta make up a lot of ground....
Here I go...
Your stuff is super solid! Pure goodness. Lemme guess, you draw alot.
Man, I love that Train Sketch form 4 or 5 posts ago! Its awesome, and quite hilarious, and of coarse the wild amazon girly riding the beast does it all for me! Love it! The design is great!
Color girl 6 is fantastic and color girl 7 is well, fantastic!
Makes me wanna quit drawing.
This photoshop stuff has paid off for ya!
Forget it man, youre a master already!
I gotta come by more often cause you just brought on an all out war!
Youre pumpin these girls like every day! ;)
Pumpin them out i mean, of coarse...

ChewBloggers said...

d...this is a great topic of discussion...your gut is worth 80-90%...after that it's finessing...like animating a scene...usually you have all the drawings there it's just a matter of timing them one way or another or adjust just a couple...trust your gut...great post

greg scherrer said...

This was a great post. (and he's good wit' da words too) That's definitely good advice about quick sketching. Something I need a lot more of. And I agree about the comments. I'm a fiend for some comments (good or bad). It's always nice to get some constructive criticism. I was wondering, your quick sketches always have a really clean look to them. Is there light blue pencil under these that you remove in photoshop? If not, I hate you. But if so, it'd be nice to see how you sketch without it. Maybe even try sketching completely in ink?

Anonymous said...

A great drawing, but an even better
bit of encouraging people to let go and draw.

I love that quote.


LOOCH said...

Very dynamic and Kirby-esque. Again, you have a good knack for nice poses that lead the eye around. (have you read that chapter in composing pictures?) I still haven't sunk that whole chapter in....I especially like the hair spiral in the back, adding depth. Always got to watch the crotch eh? Hate to have the foot silhouette that area!

I love the quote. " contact with the grown-ups shames out of him before he passes into what is understood as real life" is so true". Shame the key word in my experience...

Kevin Barber said...

How many chucks could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
- Jerimiah Buttons the 3rd

Kevin Barber said...

Kirby-liciuos !!