Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Train Sketch 11-09-05

Two of my favorite cream and hats with flowers.

I'd like to continue with some more thoughts on yesterday's post tomorrow, especially some things Joe (fellow chewblogger) mentioned. Also, I highly recommend Robert Henri's The Art Spirit. It's the type of book that doesn't need to be read from start to finish; but can be picked up at any point. Full of insightful, thoughtful, and at times piercing, statements and observations. I'm going to start posting regularly from the book.

I do however have to thank the Kirby comments here and now, for I will have sweet dreams of Devil Dinosaur dancing in my head tonight...... ;)


Alina Chau said...

YEAH!! I got to be the first one comment on your ice-cream posting!! Love the drawing!! Nice sketches in your blog!!

Cedric said...

Great sketch! I can't believe I somehow missed your blog. Thanks also for the link to "The Art Spirit". I'm definitely going to check it out.

greg scherrer said...

She looks like a crazy lady on the EL, only much cuter. Strange, but I look at her and I get the feeling that she smells bad. Probably mumbling something incoherent about ice cream, I guess.

Dave Pryor said...

How'd I guess Alina would like this ;)

Usually folks in winter coats think of Hot Cocoa. Nice twist.