Sunday, November 06, 2005


A couple years ago, in an attempt to try something new, I did some illustrations for my own children's ABC book. Everything was penciled, inked, scanned, and colored, ...... then my Mac decided to die. Since then I've gone PC (no offense to anybody, I still like Mac) and the drawings have been sitting in the basement. Friend , and fellow cartoonist, Greg Scherrer, has been posting his own version of an ABC book on his blog, and this has inspired me to re-scan and color the musty drawings in the basement. It's fun to see the similar items we've used. I'll try posting one a week. Maybe someday it'll get published......:)


greg scherrer said...

This is great Darryl! And thanks a lot for the link! The great thing about blogs is they never get that musty smell. If only you hadn't given away the answers this could have given me hours of fun-filled challenge!

Krista Heij said...

I'd by the book, I could always use a refresher!! Nice stuff! Looking forward to more.... :)

Alina Chau said...

Sooo cute!! great character!! Love your style a lot!! Many nice works here!! WoooHOOOO!!

Virginia Valle said...

Hello Darryl
you know, you are the first person with a charming encouragement words and sugest ideas !! :D. Today when I saw you messages ufff I feel over the moon :D and your idea ridding a monster is very cool :) I will think about that ....Please keep posting :)... Thanks again and thanks for visiting my blog :)

Dave Pryor said...


This is a cute one.

Will you be going through the entire alphabet for us to see? (Hint) ;)

I'm a bif fan of "off the head" eyes on characters. I like how this one works!