Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Train Sketch 11-16-05

....I apologize for the cuteness ahead of time..... *_*

"The reproduction of things is but the idle industry of one who does not value his sensations, and who was done with his imaginings when he passed out of childhood and consented that the prancing horse he had bestrode in those happy days had only been a broken broomstick."

Robert Henri The Art Spirit


greg scherrer said...

thank god the pied piper has come to rid our town of this cuteness infestation!

Sammy Chu ^_^ said...

Oh Man! This one is so kick a$$!

I love the legs--> you can never go wrong with long and slender and have choobie kyutes around your feet.

Rock-a-doodle doo!!!!!!

LOOCH said...

Those little critters are as cute as those damn animals in chicken little! Love your poses, she reminds me of julie andrews for some reason...think she played peter pan maybe.

Kevin Barber said...

I like this. Reminds me of the Peter Pan records mascot.

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhhh is beautiful :) is really beutiful I love the girl and the animals :)