Thursday, November 17, 2005




greg scherrer said...

Great colors on this one. It's well balanced and really colorful without going overboard with too many. I also really like how the ground works with the lineart removed to keep it focused. Nice one! You also got in a few bonus words..claws, crustacean, convertible, ... uh, chauffer?

Goobeetsablog said...

(not too lazy to type)
I have to agree the colors- are well done. The green and blue- add some nice visual punches to the complimentary scheme.

Is this cat zoned for commercial
transport of pastry items off-road?

Inaccuracies aside:) It's a great pic.


Virginia Valle said...

beautiful :) I think the next will be f :)

OniYon said...

Utterly utterly gorgeous drawing and concept. The most creative presentation of words and alphabets I've ever seen!