Saturday, April 01, 2006

Jedi step-by-step #1

Pencils: Me @__@
Inks: Howard Shum
Colors: Brian Gubicza

Last summer I was stricken with Jedi fever, and in a blind stuppor sketched up several Femme Jedi. Equally as stricken were blog buds Howard (Shaman) Shum, who inked 'em up, and Brian (Blushin') Gubicza, who laid down the colors. We are all doing quite well now *__*


ChewBloggers said...

AND triple (nod)

greg scherrer said...

hot diggety dawg! I once broke out in a jedi rash, but it was nothing like this. It was very itchy.

spacesick said...

Wowie-zowie! This would be just like if *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, and 98 degrees all penciled, inked, and colored some fantastic Jedi drawings!

If I were a giddy teenage schoolgirl, I'd print these out and hang them above my bed. Amazing work from all of you guys! I should go give Mr. Shum a "how-do" right now.

St John Street said...

I love this 4 some many reason D first of all your drawing is ill then then inking is sick and the colour tops it off perfectly great work all around bro love this sharing of ideas and skills YOUR SICK BRO take care and thanks for all the comments all around the different bolgs I'm at your words always mean alot take it easy!!!

Virginia Valle said...

Just beautiful work Darryl :).My congrats to Howard and Brian too

milo said...

Awesome work!!

z0mbi said...

Thanks a lot. I just peed myself.

Josh said...

These are too awesome...

Goobeetsablog said...

The inks and pencils are too good.
It was a fun time coloring this one
Thanks for the opportunity- and the additional "shout-out" on your blog.


Darryl Young said...

cb: nod (x3)
g.s.: It usually does get quite scratchy, ....and swollen.
s.s.: Since I'll never be the pretty boy I've always dreamed of, I'll have to settle for your compliments, ...thank you my friend :)
s.j.s.: Thanks bud! Love hearing from you, hope all is goin' good!
v.j.: Thanks honey :) :) :)
m: Appreciate all your kind words, means alot ;) !
z.: You're welcome,.. now please grab a handy-wipe #__#
j.: Thanks bud!
g.: ...and the colors are dang sweet! Thanks for jumping in on these ;)!!!!