Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Can Fly, I Can Fly, I Can Flyyyyyyyyyy....

*__* !

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I'll be back soon to spread some cheer of my own ;)
..... in the mean time ..... c'mon, what Superhero are yaz ????!!!!!!


St John Street said...

I love it D thanks so much 4 da kind words bro ghettefab is good people your in great company should have known well can't talk long using a friends pc but I'll be back soon take care bro!!!!!!!!!

Virginia Valle said...

:0). Thanks Darryl
Dont worry :) ! I CAN FLYYYYYYYY LIKE MARY BLAIR :0),beautiful post, full of action!!! great shapes,you alwyas with style ;)!!!!

Josh said...

Awesome! Love the middle one (Iron Man? or "Big Guy" from "Big Guy & Rusty"?) Great stuff!

(oh... and according to the superhero test... I'm Superman...."Spiderman" was the next closest)

Goobeetsablog said...


Love them all

the witch is hideous and cute.
and really alive.

the robot seems determined

and the floating woman- looks like she
is going to cause some trouble "bewitched" style.

really inspiring stuff.


Randy said...

Dig th old (original) school Iron Man! Kirby!!!!!!!

Man, how do you do that metal "reflection lines" thing so well? Arghh... When I do it, it always looks wretched. You need to post rendering tips or something...


love all the drawings here but the ironman is wicked boss

Mike Owens said...

Me like girl.

I am the Hulk

Darryl Young said...

Linton: You are da' man!!!!! ;)

Virginia: Ha Ha, !YES! I was thinking Mary Blair when I wrote that. One of my all time favorite books! :) :) :)

Josh: Thank's, it's an Iron Man from memory, so it may be a wee-bit off model ...;)

Brian: Your words are always inspiring, thanks for stopping by so frequently and all the kind comments.

Randy: Thanks so much!!!! I don't feel worthy enough to do a Kirby squiggle demo. But .... if you pick up a couple Marvel Essentials, or better yet, a couple Jack Kirby Collectors (to see the pencil art), Kirby did have a method for his work. His lines always meant something; to either give form to a shape, or help direct your eye. The man was a genius! (in my humble opinion)

Tom: Appreciate the comments, thanks bud! :)

Mike O.: ...you ARE the Hulk!

Randy said...

Cool. I keep meaning to pick up the Collector, and I just never do. I'll have to get on that...

Paul Maes said...

Great stuff! You should send that Iron Man drawing over to Michael Cho's blog Tony Stark: Your Go To Guy!. He'd dig it as much as I do.