Friday, April 21, 2006

Free Stuff

Free .... Ice Cream
Free .... Music
Free .... Movie
Free ... Super-Hero Testing *

Who says diddle doesn't luv' ya?

* I'm Green Lantern, who'se always been my favorite DC hero. Let me know who else is in the Justice League!


Randy said...

I'm Supes. I don't know how you get to be GL, but that's cool. Superman seems more generic, especially with the drawing they chose. If I change a few answers, I can pretend to be Batman, but alas, I truly am Superman.

Randy said...

And I meant "you" in the general sense, not you personally, D.
I'm sure you would make a great GL, if only Abin's ring could find you. Unfortunately, your blog has a yellow tint that has hidden you from its sight.

And if he was on the list, it'd be mega-cool to be Orion, aside from that bloodlust/inevitable doom thing...

C.Bryant said...

Darryl...Beautiful blog, I have put Link and an image in my blog perejilpuntocom

Greetings :)

St John Street said...

Hey bro long time no see I have bben busy trying to getting the portfolio done so I can find work well you've mad busy I wish I could blog more maybe soon the new work is so fresh and self portrait is funny I love the cartoon bubble so sweet well take care!!!

ChewBloggers said...

i'm gay robin...:((

or the hulk!!:)) they both had the same score...i hate capes~~~! and it gave me one anyway...


Chris Battle said...

I got Spider-Man. Does that mean I get to make out with Kirsten Dunst?

K McLeod said...

My test gave me the Hulk.

Goobeetsablog said...

spiderman as well.

GhettoFab said...

spider sense tingling over awesome artwork heheh whooo hooo!
You kik ass darryl

Kirk said...

I got Flash!

I could be Green Lantern also, same score.
Great sketches above. Like your new set up to your samples on your web site. Much easier to browse through.

Darryl Young said...

Randy: Alas, you are right, the yellow doth hideth the emerald ring from me..... guess I'll just have to settle for Orion ....or Omac, always loved him too!

C. Bryant: Hello ....So nice of you!!!!!

Linton: Best wishes on the job hunt, I know you'll find something bud!!!

j-dog: Now we just have to find you that perfect Batman....*__*

Chris: Yes, that does mean you can kiss Kirsten Dunst, ....but only when you're hanging upside down from a building. ;)

Kevin: The world can never have enough large, green skinned, unstoppable brutes. I feel secure that there is but one more.

Brian: I figured you for a Flash, cause you're so danged fast at cranking out art, but Spidey is cool too.

Mel: Hey.... I thought we were the Wonder Twins!!!!!!!

Kirk: I got the exact same thing, Flash/G.L. But I wasn't satisfied, so I nudged an answer.
Thanks for the feedback on the website, glad to hear the changes make a difference. It was a waaaaaayyyyy over do update. :)