Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sketches .... 3-30-06



greg scherrer said...

These are awesome! Love that brain.

Virginia Valle said...

Darryl the 3 drawing is so cute :) I LOVE IT :) you should write a children book too ;)or comic for kids :). what a beautiful original idea
beautiful :)!!!!

The 1 and 2 are GREAT too :)

spacesick said...

Alright. I got rid o my ugly mug and brought baby Cookie Monster back. If you want to take me to prom, you sure got a funny way of showin' it.

Love the new sketches. Such a variety in this batch, and they're all superb!

milo said...

Awesome work again! You're a machine!:O) Keep up the great work!

Goobeetsablog said...

sooooo Cool!
the shapes in these are really alive.
Especially in the flying hippo piece.

The brain stem/tripod creature is awesome, and the top girl is "super"

Great pencils always fun to see.

Virginia Valle said...

I have my update :)

ChewBloggers said...


Virginia Valle said...

Yes,Im working ;) you more cool drawings,please ;)

Darryl Young said...

Thanks to everybody!!!! :) :) :)

c.b.: nod (x2)

spacesick: T.G.I.B.C.M.!!!! (Thank Goodness It's Baby Cookie Monster)
Should I take this as a "yes" ... to the prom that is?