Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack ... ;)

First of all, sincere thanks for all the kind words and encouragement from my fellow bloggers. It really is a wonderful thing to draw, share, and communicate with people who are doing it for the pure enjoyment of it. Being a commercial animator and doing A.B.C. (Art By Committee) work most of the time is mind-numbing. (Wait.... did you hear it.... the sound of me shooting myself in the foot ...?)

But anyhoo .... I'm up and running again, but not where I was a couple weeks ago (uuuggg, it's been two weeks already). Here's the statistics....

My computer .... still in the shop.
However .... my lovely wife Laura has allowed me to use her laptop .... Thank You :)

Cable internet .... modem still fried, will wait until computer is fixed.
However .... we still have our dial up service (sloooooow, but it works) which my lovely wife Laura insisted we keep while trying out the new cable internet .... Thank You :)

Scanner .... Epson 636U not compatible with Windows XL.
However .... I ordered a driver which makes it compatible, which my lovely wife Laura installed ...Thank You :)

Moral of the story, ..... you figure it out ..... (Laura and Lucy are too cocky as it is).

Take Care,
Darryl (a.k.a. diddle)


Dave Pryor said...

Nice to see some new things - all creative and imaginative.

Nice plant monster

Take care

Virginia Valle said...


Kirk said...

Aaaaahhhhh, so nice to be able to see your creativity once again. Great sketches Darryl!

I now about that committee thing. I already have a number of holes in my feet, owww.

Do you have any new comic book projects in the works?

Brian Growe said...

Yay, welcome back! I hope your computer recovers well after it's ordeal, wonderful drawings as always sir!

GhettoFab said...

oh man I cant believe that I just found gold!!!! I hope you dont mind if I link to you. Fantastic works and blog!

Goobeetsablog said...


Diddle's back!!!
I'm suing you for my recent lack of inspiration, due to your infrequent posts.

Because I was left uninspired- I lost out on a number of possible freelance opportunities- which will greatly affect the $2.50 I make a week as an illustrator.

My lawyers will be contacting you shortly- Think "less human with more horns" Great drawing skills I'm happy that you will have something to do while in prison.

The monster with the cigar is brilliant, as is the plant
the gill man and the thundercatish
super herione.

great as always!

greg scherrer said...

YAAAAAYYYYY! I really like this one, and that one, and that one, and that one there, this one, that one not so much, and wait, I like that one too, and also that one, and ...the rest of them. Great to have you back on board sir! My favorite is those oddly familiar things sticking out of that plant's mouth.

milo said...

Great work!! Love your style. I can't wait for more posts. So keep 'em comin! heehee

ChewBloggers said...



=shane white= said...

Nice got the juice baby!


St John Street said...

Yeah My big homie is back in full force like the monster artist that we all know that he is love all of the new work so glad u got that pc stuff worked out mine's been acting the fool laterly also so who know I might b next truly gald your back up and running take care bro!!!

spacesick said...

I can't believe I missed all of these amazing drawings! I thought you were gonna be down for a while.

Hooray for the human spirit, and hooray for the one known as "lovely wife Laura."

Virginia Valle said...

heheheh Darryl heheheh funny boy :).. please update !!!!

ladymandelyn said...

Yo Darryl!
I finally saw the commercial I worked on t.v! I thought it was pretty cool! Thanks for being a super pal while I was there. You still have those post-it notes?

Jav said...

Moral of the story?
I'm sure your lovely wife can help figure that one out...
Welcome baaaaaaaaaack