Monday, July 10, 2006

Share the Luv Sketchbook

My first self published book, Share the Luv, Sketchbook vol. 1, is ready for shipping ....

Full Color front and back covers (pictured)
64 b+w pages of pure cartoon fun
6.5" x 10.25"
Perfect Bound
Signed and numbered,
First printing of 150 copies

USA + Canada: $10 + shipping
International: $13 + shipping

For ordering info, a sneak peak, or any questions please visit my new store.


Chris Battle said...

Awesome, man! Just placed my order. Thanks for making the rest of us look like lazy bastards!

spacesick said...

hot diggety dang! a mr. diddle sketchbook for my very own!!! I am ordering one of these lovelies, this I vow.

Virginia Valle said...


Kevin Barber said...

Just got mine and, ,..there was a mouse in it. Can i,,..get a refund? JUST KIDDIN !!LOVED IT AND WELL WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION. VERY INSPIRATIONAL.

boob said...

Kev showed me your book at work and it's quite tight Darryl! I love that so many people got stuff together in time for the con. See you down there!

Alikins said...

How cool is this book?!? Love your work! ;)

Chrissie A said...

I've ordered my copy...looking forward to it! :)