Monday, January 05, 2009



Wynn Ryder said...

Happy new year, Darryl! Great to see a new post from you :D

Sarah Satrun said...

Happy New Year!

Fun drawings! :)

Catherine Satrun said...

YAY- D's back!! Nice sketches ^.^

SteveLambe said...

Finally....I've checking in every day since Sept.04. Glad you're back :)

My favorite is Baron Von Porkenstien.

Darryl Young said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

It's been a very hectic year, and I've been in a real funk lately.

Really miss drawing for the fun of it :(

Hope to post more regularly, so Steve won't have to wait so long ^.^

Take Care,

Kevin Taylor Illustrator said...

Yep! Funk is in the air. I been there myself. Sketching helps. welcome back friend!!!