Monday, June 19, 2006

The Fat, Obnoxious, A-Hole....

... a Chicago staple, and commuter favorite *__*

(yep, it's a she)


Goobeetsablog said...

There seems to be some horrible story attached with this one.

or at least a few good eavesdropped conversations:)


ChewBloggers said...

this is perhaps one of the most beautiful drawings i think i've ever seen...EVER


K McLeod said...


I know exactly what your talkinging about. When I was in school at Columbia Chicago I took the train from Harvard to get to school and the weekends were the best days to sketch, for that exact reason. Thanks for the post it made my morning.


Jav said...

Fat, obnoxious and an A-hole!?
Thats not possible...
Maybe 2 out of the 3, but not all all 3 right?
Well, I'm not fat...

Animal Qwacker said...

Your not a SHE either Jav.
Then again, it HAS been a while since i've seen you.

St John Street said...

Awesome rolls in the fat and the teeth are excellent another killa D

Jav said...

Saw your book!!!
lotta good stuff sir...

passiongreek said...

Μεγάλο ύφος

Darryl Young said...

Brian: Very true. The drawing is based on a most lovely and charming she-creature that I share the train ride home with from my "day job".

Chewbloggers: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .... wait ... you've definately got something caught in your eyes ;)

Kevin: Also being a graduate from Columbia College (and still wondering what it was I actually paid for there), I feel your commuter pain. Unfortunately, the pain continues into the the work commute. Glad you got a good chuckle from it.

jav: No, you're not fat.

Animal Quacker: No, jav isn't a she yet, but he is raising money for that special operation some day.

St. John Street: thanks bud, nice to hear from you.

jav: Thanks! Now if I can only find the time to sit my keester down and advertise it up here :(
(looking forward to yours ... and San Diego!)

Passiongreek: Thank you my friend!

Virginia Valle said...

Darryl apologies :( ,very late on your blog ,I dont want to meet this girl in a little car hehehe.