Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Train Sketch ..... 01-17-06

...been a while for one o' these.... :)


Dave Pryor said...

Nice fist!

Good one Darryl.

St John Street said...

this is a great face and I love the skull on the shoulder very kool idea loving your work bro !!!!

Virginia Valle said...

Beautiful face and design :)......COOL POST TODAY :)

Howard Shum said...

Cool! He looks like a bad ass. :)

Kirk said...

Sweeet, that is cool. I really like your comic style. This has sort of a Dave Johnson feel to it.

Goobeetsablog said...

Reminds me of Steven Seagal
or Marc Chagall....

Now that would be a movie.
Steven Seagall as Marc Chagall.

"Marc we need you to paint the ceiling of this opera house before terrorists destroy it, and to help you on your task is this expert paintmixer, who also looks amazingly cute in a bikini."

but I digress.
It's a great drawing!

joe said...

oh yeah!!!


Animal Qwacker said...

Whoah, I missed this guy!
He's cool! And a real toughie!