Wednesday, December 07, 2005

2 Day Train Sketch ... 12-07-05

Sword Translation:

"Behold ye' cretinous ones, Diddle's Christmas wish list....
  1. Jack Kirby paraphernalia
  2. Toll House chocolate chip cookies
  3. Old school anime (Shogun Warriors, etc...)
  4. Old school Marvel Comics stuff
  5. Mrs. Miller albums
  6. Hugs

..... thou has been'ith warned!"


St John Street said...

wick design hot stuff

Virginia Valle said...

OHH COOL WARRIOR ;)..... look great !!!!

ChewBloggers said...

Hey d,

Thanks for the kind words. Your feedback has awlays been very helpful.

It's been fun to follow your posts.
So, so different than what you draw during the day...


greg scherrer said...

I'm glad you know how to speak sword, I would have guessed it was just saying something like "Swing me around! I want to slice and stab at things!"

LOOCH said...

I'd give you a #6 if I was in town...I will drop a little something in the mail though. (is that klingon she's speaking? ghuH quv vo'!)

Kevin Barber said...

I see hints of Darryl Young's 5th grade math folder in this one. Do you collect comics? I do? Can i borrow a pencil?